Writing center staff, patrons welcome newly renovated location

By Megan Ake


With more than double the space of its original location, the recently revamped Writing Center opened its doors this semester to continue its mission of assisting students in constructing papers, resumes, and letters.

After several months of planning and renovating, the center relocated to Room 1403 from Room 2410.  The new space, which is shared with the Center for Personalized Instruction, includes six computer stations and five other tables that allow for a more private work area for staff and patrons.

“We are very grateful for everything here,” said Frances FitzGerald, Writing Center Coordinator.  “The students and staff are much happier.”

Not only are students and staff appreciative of the added space - they also enjoy the open feel of the room that comes complete with large, clear windows, a luxury not available in the previous location

“Having more space plus windows and sunlight is great,” FitzGerald added.

With all of the added features, the Writing Center is drawing more attention.  Though exact figures are unknown, FitzGerald said that the number of students visiting the center has “definitely been increasing.”

Students who utilized the old location love the up-to-date feel of the new center.  Sara Hamdan, a Nutrition major, frequently visits the Writing Center and appreciates the changes as well as the overall atmosphere of the space.

“Once I came here, I realized it’s more like family,” Hamdan said.  “No one makes fun of you; they just try to help.”

Hamdan is not the only one who enjoys the new center.  Saniyah Ahmed, psychology major and writing center tutor, loves the airy environment and “being able to breathe and feel comfortable while working.” 

With the added room and increasing patronage, FitzGerald plans to add more tutors sometime this summer.  The center already staffs 21 tutors who are available six days a week.

The Writing Center is open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m Monday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Friday and Saturday. Appointments for tutoring services can be made by calling the center, but drop-ins are also welcomed.