Graduation, it’s worth the wait

By Jessica Fellows

After 12 long years of education, most students find it painful to enroll in college. The last thing they want to do is pay for an education that is more stressful and time consuming than the last 12 years combined.

However, for those who decide to enter the journey of college, they usually find themselves very glad they did. The hard work and determination boils down to those last hours when they get to take the stage.

“I chose to walk because I feel like its tradition and sort of a celebration of an accomplishment,” said Jenna Gambino, a graphic design major.  Gambino graduates in December of 2011, but has to wait until the following May to walk.

Graduating is not always just about the caps, gowns and turning the tassel—it is about finishing something that was started and being able to say “I graduated!” For many students, they choose not to walk; receiving a diploma is good enough for them.

“I plan on walking, it is an event that only happens once,” said Emann Freij, a Nursing major. “It’s my parents and family’s dream to see me actually walk across that stage.”

No matter the reasons for taking those strides across the stage, each student should be proud of themselves for achieving what so many never do.  Since more than half of Michigan’s high school seniors are far from ready for college, it’s a high honor to say that not only were you able to get into college, but also you successfully completed the journey.

This year will be Madonna University’s 64th Annual Commencement ceremony. It will be held on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at the Compuware Arena at 1:30 p.m. Also beginning April 4, 2011, graduates or those intending to graduate must go to the Student Life office located at room 1001 to pick up their graduate name card, tickets for commencement and photo information card. All are required for commencements.

And don’t worry, if you didn’t pick up your cap and gown during Grad Fair from the Madonna bookstore, after April 4, 2011, you can pick up all the things necessary for graduation. While picking up cap and gowns, don’t forget your diploma frames, class rings and announcements.

Congratulations 2011 graduates!