By Kayla Daugherty

Walking into the movie theater to see “The Croods”, I was expecting one of two things. I figured it would be either a children’s movie watered down to the point of uselessness or full of hidden innuendos.

Surprisingly, I did not experience either of these things while watching. Instead I was happy to finally watch an animated family-friendly comedy that people of all ages could enjoy.

DreamWorks followed the prehistoric Crood family through the adventure of their lives as they try to escape the end of the world. They incorporated typical everyday problems faced by modern families into a pre-evolutionary family. As one can expect, this task was easier said than done. This movie showed that regardless of the age or time period, despite what a family may go through, they will get through it together.

It was not a boring, rainbows and butterflies movie. Between the encounters with the larger than life animals and nature that fought back, it was action-packed. The family dynamics were not perfect, either. There was, of course, a father who wanted to be in control and disliked the mother-in-law, while the kids searched for freedom and tried new, dangerous, things.

This movie had me laughing the whole time as I could completely relate to their problems. Elements of romance were sprinkled throughout, as Eep and Guy navigate a relationship. Eep, though a cave-girl, was portrayed with a lot of the stereotypical “girl problems” such as rebellious streaks and desire for freedom. In addition, she was introduced to the concept of shoes and completely fell in love with them.  I appreciated how relatable all the characters were; it made the movie fly by quickly.

One thing in particular that I liked was that DreamWorks and the writers did not portray Eep as a poor, defenseless girl. It seems that female characters are never the main or strong roles, instead left as damsels in distress needing rescue. Eep was not a damsel in distress; in fact she was seen as one of the strongest members of her family, as well as courageous and loving.

Overall, I found the movie to be lighthearted, perfect for a family outing or date. I found myself laughing throughout the entire movie, whether at something Grug (the father) said or at an unexpected situation the family encountered. I would describe it as a perfect movie for a rainy day. 

Parents should be wary, however, as there are moments in the movie that may scare some children.  The 3-year-old girls next to me did not appreciate the dinosaurs and odd-looking creatures. The movie is rated PG and parents should think about taking their kids to see the movie in non-3D. The 3D effects were nice, but definitely not necessary. Seeing this movie in 3D is not worth the extra $4 or $5.

I would definitely recommend this movie to others, not just families and kids. The movie opened to the public on March 22 and the reviews have been predominately positive. 



A family movie worth seeing