Kayla Daugherty
Undergraduate tuition for the 2013-14 school year will be $540 dollars per credit hour, a 6.7 percent increase from the current $506 dollars. 
Nursing students will also see a small jump in their costs when the tuition hits $600.  
“People expect us to have the newest technology available,” said Vice President for Finance and Operations, Leonard Wilhelm. “They want to be able to plug in their iPads, tablets and things like that. The constant changing and improving of technology plays a role in the rising cost of education.”
The increase in tuition costs may cause students to cut down on the number of credit hours they take at Madonna. In some cases dropping the number of classes taken per semester makes students ineligible for financial aid and other services on campus.
“I already take the least amount of credit hours necessary to be a full-time student. If the tuition goes up, I may have to cut down to part-time status,” said Morgan Bastian. Currently living in the dorms, Bastian, a Social Work major, would have to move out if she became a part-time student. 
“Luckily I live less than an hour away so I can technically drive here,” said Bastian, “but what about the people who live here who are have nowhere else to live?”
Expenses will continue to rise for those who are able to stay in the Residence Hall. Next fall, residents can expect a 10 percent climb in cost of room and board. The mandatory meal plans will cost students living on campus an average of $74 more per semester as well. 
“Unless I can get more financial aid, I think I will have to leave the dorms. I just cannot afford it anymore. Taking out more loans is the last thing that I want to do,” said David Swayze, who lives in the dorm as well and feels not only the pain of the tuition increase but also of the living expenses. 
 “If expenses continue to increase like this I might just have to transfer,” the Madonna junior added. “I am looking at Eastern; they froze their tuition the last couple years, so I know they are affordable. I am not sure what my plan is. I just know I will have to look into other options for colleges.”
One positive change passed for the 2013-14 school year is that students are now able to use the meal plans without restrictions. Currently there are certain stipulations to the meal plan such as having to wait so many hours between meal “swipes” and a limited number of “swipes” per day. This will not be the case with the new system promoted with the tag line, “FLEXIBILITY – It’s your plan so use it when you want to.”mailto:kdaugherty@my.madonna.edutuition_files/News%20MLK%20day.docxshapeimage_1_link_0


The new school years brings an increase in costs