Recently, an email was sent out to all students and staff of the Madonna community warning them of the thefts occurring on the Livonia campus. The thefts have been occurring around Southeastern Michigan, there were several reported cases in the city of Livonia.

People have reported parts of their vehicles being stolen, mainly catalytic converters.  A catalytic converter can be removed quickly; it takes less than 30 seconds. The catalytic converter contains platinum and scrap metals inside that may be sold to dealers.

“I heard about the thefts, but I didn’t know anyone it happened to. I feel like we need to amp up the security if this type of threat is occurring,” said Nate Gonyea, Sport Management major.

The Director of Public Safety, David R. Hammerschmidt, sent out an email a few weeks ago regarding this threat. Although he wouldn’t offer any more information other than what was written in the email, he wrote:

“The Department of Public Safety will continue to convey the best possible services in making the university community as safe and secure as we can.”

A few tips to remember during the winter months:

• never leave your car running unattended or unlocked.

• remove valuables from vehicle or conceal them in the trunk

• report any and all suspicious behavior immediately to the Public Safety Department at 734-432-5442.


Crime warning for Madonna students