By Jessica Fellows

Madonna University has yet again made a way to contribute internationally.  Madonna is now offering an online bachelor’s program to select Haitian students that speak fluent English.

The Haiti Education Leadership Program is an online Business Administration and Leadership program that benefits English-speaking Haitians.

Madonna has teamed up with a vocational school in Port-au-Prince that will help and host the 20 hand-picked students. All selected students went through the application process, had two interviews and an ESL test to ensure they could qualify for the program.

“Our goal is to educate as many [Haitians] as we can to keep them in the country. So they can help rebuild and develop their country,” said Donald Conrad, Assistant Director, Business and Law.

With a rate of 80 percent of Haitian students who have obtained a high degree leaving the country, it’s not a surprise that Madonna wants to help keep graduates there.  In their final 4-6 credit hours, the students will be required to complete an internship in one of the many English-speaking organizations in hopes they get connections and can receive jobs locally.

“I really came away with feeling very positive with the students of Haiti, they’re very motivated, very grateful for what we’re doing and I think they’re going to really try hard to succeed,” said John Fosselman, [Need Title]

Sister Rose Marie Kujawa, President of Madonna University, visited Haiti after the earthquake and worked to create the program.

“Although Madonna University was founded to provide quality higher education, it has always emphasized the value of service, especially to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  ‘Education for truth and service’ has been our rallying call,” she said.



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