By Sarah Rachfal

Like Crazy is a story of young love, similar to the wildly popular (500) Days of Summer and Blue Valentine films.

Directed by the novice Drake Doremus, Like Crazy was a Sundance Film Festival award winner prior to its release and is loosely based on Doremus’ real-life experiences.

Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna (Felicity Jones) are both college students in Los Angeles. The two instantly bond over their love of Paul Simon and a series of low-key dates they take together.

However, after graduation Anna, a British foreign exchange student, needs to go home for a prior family obligation.  As she is arriving in the United States after her trip home, she runs into trouble at immigration and is sent back to England.

Due to Anna’s unexpected troubles, a long-distance relationship is forced upon her and Jacob.

After much trying, Anna and her family are unable to get the immigration ban lifted so she could go to the United States to be with Jacob.  This ultimately compromises their relationship as they face a series of obstacles together.

Like Crazy is very mellow and light on any actual conversation, but it seems the viewer always knows what’s happening.  There was no confusion when watching the movie and the direction was well done and captured the scenery in both Los Angeles and London.

Whether or not love stories are your type of movie, Like Crazy was convincing and the fact that it is based on real experiences will make viewers stay intrigued.


‘Like Crazy’ tells unique story of young love