December 2011


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Journalism 3160/4160 students assemble The Madonna Herald to learn reporting, writing, interviewing and
producing skills.

TMH students intend to provide the university with relevant news and information while striving to maintain professional integrity toward students, faculty, administration and Madonna’s Catholic traditions.






The latest movie installment of the “Twilight” saga should delight fans of the series and prepare them for the big finale next year.

Madonna’s men’s and women’s basketball teams look ahead to this year’s campaign. Both teams hope to finish atop the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference and make a run in the tournament.

With the recent loss of Steve Jobs, will Apple lose it’s innovative touch?

Or will the loss of Jobs leave behind a footprint in technology that will be forever in our minds and encourage us to continue his legacy?

Sr. Rose Marie Kujawa, Madonna University President, called for greater respect on campus. 

“As a University community we are a diverse group of individuals, united by our mission of attaining a quality education based on solid values, first and foremost:  respect for the dignity of all persons.  We are very proud of our students and staff who work daily to live out these goals.”

Food Day

New Soccer Field

75th Anniversary

Recent thefts have occurred all over the Southeastern Michigan, including the city of Livonia and Madonna University. Students must be cautious and aware of these actions.

Stop wasting time searching on the Internet for the right book to rent in attempts to save money, when in the end the shipping costs have you paying more than you expected.

Madonna University’s bookstore now offers rental textbooks. With more than 600 titles, at least one of your books could be available to rent.