By Jessica Fellows

Steve Jobs. Anyone who doesn’t know the name, should. And anyone who knows the name feels as if the world lost a great man. He was the co-founder of Apple and the magic behind our beloved iPod, iPhone and iPad. 

Although the world is in a state of sadness and loss, the thought crossing so many minds is whether Apple will lose its ability to stay on top of innovation in technology.

Honestly, I think that the genius and creativity behind Jobs’ legacies have left with him. But there is hope simply because he has already invented some of the most amazing devices. All that is left is for the rest of the Apple team to improve them.

“I didn’t even realize who Steve Jobs was when I heard of his death. But, I’m not that big of an Apple person. I’m sure Apple will be fine without him,” said Alysa Canfield, 23.

I mean how much further can we really travel into technological advances after the iPad; it almost seems as if nothing else can be done to wow.

Sadly, Jobs won’t be able to witness the explosion of the latest improvements to his iPhone phenomenon.

With the release of the 4S and iOS5 and talk of picking up Sprint as a carrier, Apple is sure to hit an all-time high in sales.

Not only will sales go through the roof because people go crazy over the newest Apple revelations, but people will find it necessary to have the last Apple innovation to be revealed before Jobs passed away. It always happens, a person of immense talent dies, and then their work truly becomes noticed.

No matter how successful in life they may have been, in death they can never be forgotten. The same goes with Jobs, no matter how incredible his work during his life, in death, he will succeed his abilities and manage to make Apple more money.

“The world has lost one of the greatest innovators of my time. I’m not an all Apple product user, but he still did great things for the music and mobile world. But life will go on and people will bow to the next technological genius that comes along,” said Faith Hengesbaugh, 20, Forensics major.

Just as electricity improved after the loss of Thomas Edison and the way to travel by flight has transformed over the years after the loss of the Wright Brothers, I believe Apple will still manage to awe us as well as keep us on the edge of our seats with the newest technological advances.

According to his death certificate, Jobs passed away due to respiratory arrest. Jobs had been fighting a long battle with pancreatic cancer and had undergone a liver transplant. He was 56.

“Steve Jobs was a brilliant man who will always be remembered by his technology, which will the lead the future into even greater things,” said Alyssa Bitell, 22, Madonna graduate.



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