ByJessica Fellows

A huge percentage of students hate the thought of having to hang on to the textbooks that they are handcuffed to for an entire semester.

They hate even more spending hundreds of dollars on those same textbooks only to find out that during the buy-back period they are out-dated, not being used the following semester or too many of them have already been bought back. 

The staff at the Madonna University bookstore has finally jumped on the bandwagon and begun to rent textbooks.

“The biggest advantage to renting a book in that the up front cost is abut ½ the cost of a new book and you get to use it in exactly the same way,” said Debbie Mitchell, Manager of the Madonna Bookstore.

Instead of having to order online from an unaffiliated website, pray that those renting websites have your edition and that they arrive on time, students can come to their own bookstore and rent certain texts.

Best part about renting from Madonna’s campus bookstore? No shipping fees.

“I didn’t know that the Madonna bookstore offered the option to rent textbooks. I usually use I will check out the bookstore next semester,” said Karina Stephens, Journalism/Public Relations major.

Of course, if you don’t have time to head to the university bookstore, visit the website, select your courses and your customized textbook list will be generated. This list will give you the option to rent, buy new or used or buy the e-book. All of which you can order and pay for right on the website.

You can even return your rentals through the bookstore website by getting a custom shipping label.

All rented books are eligible to be written in and highlighted as long as the book is still readable. However, if you decide that you want to keep the books, you get two weeks after renting to return to the bookstore, be refunded the rental price and pay the purchase price.

“We have almost 600 titles for the winter semester available to rent,” said Laura Rogers, Madonna Bookstore Assistant Manager.

Just be aware that if you decide to go the renting textbook route and decide to pay with cash or your MadonnaOne card, you must have another credit/debit card available to keep on file in the event that you fail to return the book or damage the book beyond re-renting. 

Don’t worry, textbook renters have the option to opt-into reminder emails and text messages to make sure your textbooks are returned on time.

Visit the Madonna Bookstore website at or from the quick links on the website.



Save money on shipping, rent texts at Madonna