By Jessica Fellows

This is it, the moment all “twi-hards” (a term for intense Twilight fans) have been waiting for — “Breaking Dawn Part One.”

In part one of the two-part final, Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Patterson) get married, go on their infamous honeymoon and a new member joins the Cullen family. For those who aren’t into the Twilight series, it would take way too much time to elaborate on the intense story line. Yet, this newest movie based on Stephanie Myer’s Twilight saga did not fail to meet the expectations.

The opening scene showed Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) having an emotional outburst at the news of his beloved Bella Swan marrying his immortal enemy Edward Cullen and what a beautiful wedding it was. The couple’s family and friends wave them off as they head toward a secluded island for their intense and steamy honeymoon.  All of this leads up to the two biggest events in Twilight history… the birth of their half-vampire, half-human baby and Bella becoming “one of them.” Of course a movie review could never spoil a saga movie with a following like Twilight, simply because those who watch the movies are addicted to the books and know what is going to happen before it does. However, the one thing that made the audiences stay on the edge of their seats, was wondering, when it will end. Half of the fun of a two-part movie, is wondering when the director yells, “it’s a wrap,” for part one.

The director succeeded in making sure that the audience was constantly on edge, waiting for the screen to roll the credits. Yet, before director Bill Condon makes it to the riveting scene of Bella’s childbirth, the non-Twilight-fan is dragged through one hour of an over-dramatic love triangle between Jacob, Bella and Edward. Unless of course you are a die-hard Twilight fan; then the117 minutes are pure pleasure as you watch Bella’s final days as a human.

Although “Breaking Dawn: Part One” didn’t beat the “New Moon” box office total, it is still considered one of the most anticipated movies of 2011, and Part Two, will more than likely break all of the Twilight records so far.


‘Breaking Dawn’ beats box office expectations