By Idamarie Tedesco

With the arrival of the holiday season comes the joy and cheer of being with our loved ones, celebrating, eating lots and lots of food, and of course one of the most fun, but stressful parts of the season, the giving of gifts.

It's a given that presents are the least important part of celebrating the holidays, but it's hard not to get that warm and tender feeling inside when you give a gift to someone that you know they'll love.

Buying presents can come as an extreme challenge to some, so that's why this Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you ease that burden and scratch off those gifts from your list of holiday duties this season.

Gifts for your Pet

1. A little morbid, but a hilarious Zombie foot chew toy for your pup!

2. For the pet that deserves a little cocktail here and there, it's the wine and cheese chew toy set from Big Lots.

3. A great way to keep an eye on your pet while away is the National Geographic Pet Eye View camera from Fred Flare.

4. A classier choice of gift for your pet this holiday season would be the Mungo & Maud pet fragrance.

5. A unique food bowl for your cat from

6. The perfect ensemble for your dog this season, the "Believe" tutu dog dress.

Gifts for your Dad

1. For the food-loving man, the complete recipe book for all things that include bacon from Fred Flare.

2. Dad will be able to impress everybody at the next sporting event held at home with his new healthy potato chip maker from Sharper Image.

3. Nothing like a nice big cup of Joe for pops to start his day off right with the world's largest coffee mug from Fred Flare.

4. Why settle for just any pair of slippers when Dad can kick his shoes off and slip on a pair of Tempurpedic slippers from Brookstone.

5. This a fan favorite of my father and brother, the Kiehl's ultimate man-refueling set.

Gifts for your Brother

1. A hysterical but purposeful attempt to keeping warm in the winter would be the lumberjack knit hat from Fred Flare.

2. In case your brother doesn't have the space for this classic bonding game for men, the man cave mini Foosball table from Fred Flare will fit cozy in any home.

3.For the brother with a more creative and artistic edge, the Lomokino photography camera would be perfect!

4. I'd say this would make for a unique start to anyone's day, the shark attack mug from Urban Outfitters.

5. You never know when your car will need a quick boost, especially with the unruly winter weather Michigan receives. That's why the Wagan power starter from Barnes & Nobles would make for the perfect present.

Gifts for your Sister

1. What gal wouldn't love a strand of pearls from J.Crew this holiday season?

2. A much more stylish approach to listening to your iPod this winter would be these rabbit fur earmuff/headphones from Nordstrom.

3. The perfect pen that'll fit in any girl's purse would be the lipstick ballpoint pen from Fred Flare.

4. This stylish and sleek iPad case from Kate Spade is the perfect way to keep it safe while still looking cute.

5. This Glitz and Glam Party Sampler from Sephora is the perfect stocking stuffer.

6. The perfect feminine touch to your sister's boudoir would be these adorable batting eyelash pillowcases from Urban Outfitters.

Gifts for your Mom

1. It's amazing what our mother's have been able to jam pack into their purses all these years. With the Minimergency Kit for Mom's from Urban Outfitters, saving space in that purse will come a lot easier.

2. These beautiful dishes from Anthropologie are perfect for any party or display case.

3. Just a few of mom's favorite scents in the kitchen can now accompany here in the bathroom with The Cookbook body wash set by Philosophy.

4. This table saw cake cutter from Fred Flare is sure to cause a few laughs at the next family event.

5. The melting table clock from Urban Outfitters will add a quirky touch to any desk or table.



The giving of gifts just got a lot easier