By Erica Rakowicz

When you’re told higher education will very likely sink you into debt, big or small, but you must follow the gold-encrusted path of higher education to make a successful name for yourself, it’s a hard concept to swallow.

But, studies plastered all over the Internet and bound in books show a clear correlation between getting a college degree and making more money, therefore, I suppose, making a more successful life for yourself and a possible family to come.

A not so clear plan rests in how to achieve this degree, sometimes straight out of high school, with little funds and cold feet.

How do you turn nothing into $506 a credit hour, when you may decide to take on a full load of 15 a semester, for the next four years? A semester comes to $7,590! Pocket change, right? Maybe magic?

Learning is expensive, time is expensive and even breathing feels expensive.

Some students are fortunate enough to be backed financially by parental figures, and others are braving the storm alone.

Loans are available, but caution must be taken. Scholarships are a gift sent from somewhere, if you’re lucky enough to come by any in substantial weight. Additionally, that handful of minimum-wage jobs you sift through during your schooling to help make a dent in your tuition can take a toll on your dignity.

Not to say school isn’t doable, but if you’re on your own it’s a struggle.

Professors should take a solid look around and acknowledge the trouble some students are going through just in order to “make it” in today’s world. Maybe they’ve been there and maybe they haven’t. Regardless, it’s a battle, and all pressure is on, maybe even more so in today’s job market.

Some of those students paying on their own are even juggling children and full-time jobs.

Now, doing all of that at once and gripping onto your sanity has got to be magic.

Take a day to marvel in your accomplishments, whether you’re still in school or you’re years out of it.

You all have overcome a number of obstacles, mounds of mindless coursework, a few meaningful assignments and maybe you’ve ripped out a couple hairs in the process.

Take a breather.



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