Empty space leads to a growing Madonna

By Christina Salvatore


Over the years, Madonna University has been demolishing and adding on new departments to help shape the college for a better future.  With the recent Franciscan Center addition last fall, and the current demolishing of the old science wing, these changes are leading Madonna and students into successful years of education.

On Jan. 1,, professional architecture and construction workers began working on the lot in hopes to make it a great addition to the university.  The refurbished area runs north and south right by the Kresge Hall and beyond the writing center.

Craig Flickinger, Director of Facilities at Madonna and who also is overseeing the construction process is one of the head staff members working on this project and has high hopes for its outcome. 

“It will be a good thing to add on to the university since the nursing program is growing and they are currently outgrowing their building,” said Flickinger. 

With Madonna University’s student needs growing rapidly each year, staff and faculty at the college have agreed to expand the nursing department, laboratories, and the office of graduate studies locating them on the west side of the new addition.  The graduate studies office will be located on the second floor with brand new rooms for staff.

The east side of the new addition will include and relocate the sign language department, student life, and career services.

Edie Raleigh, Dean of the Graduate School at Madonna, is a faculty member who is not working on the project but is receiving a new office located in the old media wing due to the transformation.

“Our goal is to establish an environment that reflects the quality of graduate education at Madonna,” said Raleigh.

The finished product of the department will be open in September 2011 just in time for the fall semester.  With three brand new classrooms, a new nursing department and laboratories, as well as the relocation of Career Services and Student Life, Madonna staff feels this project will be a great change and atmosphere for years to come. 

For more information on the process of the new wing please contact Craig Flickinger at cflickinger@madonna.edu or Edith Raleigh at eraleigh@madonna.edu.

“This design is intended to enable us to offer the most efficient and student/faculty-friendly service possible,” said Raleigh.