By Elizabeth Comben
Last fall, Livonia welcomed a new, Greek restaurant into the city, Big Daddy’s.  Serving authentic cuisine, offering a wide selection of wines, and providing a pleasant atmosphere is the reputation the eatery has managed to already maintain.  
Upon arrival I was greeted by a very pleasant man holding the door open.   He welcomed me to the restaurant and proceeded to escort me to my table.  Once seated, he explained the various sections of the menu and shared the evening’s specials.  After a few moments the server, Deana, arrived offering a taste of the house chardonnay she brought, the sweet taste bubbled in my mouth and I was sold. She then pointed out some of the best appetizers on the menu; I ordered the Saganaki and a house salad to start, and settled on the lamb dinner.  
Many of the appetizers range from $10 to $17 and the dinners range from $13 to $25.  While I expect high food quality and a satisfactory dining experience, these prices seem a bit high for students.   
While waiting for my appetizer I observed some of the other guests in the restaurant and I noticed that many of them appeared to be of Greek decent, making me believe the authenticity of Big Daddy’s meals.  A very open dining room creates a welcoming feel with booths along the outer walls and tables organized in the center.  The clean, elegant appearance helps create an at-home atmosphere for the guests to enjoy their meals.  
Not long after I ordered dinner, my appetizer and salad arrived.  The Saganaki sizzled on the skillet and I could smell the brandy and lemon juice burning away over the dish.  The cheese came accompanied with a warm, soft pita that emphasized the sweet and savory flavor of the Saganaki.  The generously portioned salad appeared to consist of fresh lettuce, spinach, crunchy carrots, and ripe tomatoes.  Once I started to eat the salad, I noticed the overwhelming amount of dressing, which quickly started to wilt the lettuce and spinach.  Other than the excessive dressing, the salad went with the first course rather well.  
The lamb arrived and looked spectacular and the garlic potatoes smelled divine, I could not wait to start eating.  The lamb was tender and melted with each bite.  The seasoning enhanced the natural flavors of the meat and which was also complimented with the garlic and herb potatoes.  The portion sizes seemed generous and quite fair for the price of the dish.  
While waiting for my bill, I noticed another server bringing the dessert tray to another table and got a peek at some of the offerings.  A variety of cakes, pies, ice cream delights, and others that I could not identify as easily covered the tray.  Deana quickly delivered the bill and I paid promptly.  The total cost of my meal dented my wallet slightly more than I had expected, a meal at $35 can stretch the budget of most college students.  My budget will not allow for dining at Big Daddy’s to become a weekly event, however, I had a fantastic dinner and I believe that they will continue to uphold a positive reputation and maintain a solid clientele with the service and quality that I experienced.  mailto:ecomben@my.madonna.eduBig_Daddys_files/Tony.shapeimage_1_link_0


Mediterranean flavors found close to campus