by Anastasija Baranovska
One particular MLK event that had a high attendance and popularity among the Madonna community was Fleece Blanket Making. 
Students, faculty, and staff gathered to make fleece blankets for Children's Hospital of Detroit on Friday afternoon in the Take-5 Lounge. Under the guidance of the Red Cross Club, Madonna honored Martin Luther King Jr. by serving others. 
“As the Vice President of the Red Cross Club at Madonna, I was asked to lead the blanket making service project.  I wanted to partake in this service activity to help children who are sick and who would appreciate this gesture,” said Liz Martin, majoring in Nursing. “I set up for the activity, instructed people on how to make the blankets, and cleaned up all of the materials after the event.  We made 12 blankets total for the Children's Hospital of Detroit and we had 17 volunteers who came to help.”
All of the programming was sponsored by the Madonna University Institutional Standing Committee for Campus Diversity and Inclusion and the Michigan Nonprofit Association. 
“I participated in the fleece blanket making event on Friday. It was really convenient because I didn’t have any classes left and I really wanted to participate. All of the materials were provided, which was great. I made a purple blanket with printed flowers on it. So I know I made some young girl happy,” said Kayla Vogel, majoring in Psychology. “I believe that it is very important to become involved in the events like this, because community is what Madonna as a university stands for. It was such a positive atmosphere of people coming together to help others. I would absolutely do this again.”
“I really liked this event.  I love helping people, especially helping patients in the hospital.  As a nursing student, it was nice to help people in another way other than through medicine,” said Martin. “It is important to take time out of our busy lives as college students and give back to the community.”
All of the blankets are on their way to be delivered to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. 


Fleece blankets warm hearts of children