by Anastasija Baranovska

Don’t let the snowy weather lead you into a depressive state. Instead, get inspired by Winter Movie Nights sponsored by Madonna University Student Life.

Through Feb. 12, every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. students gather at the room S100 to enjoy movies like The Bucket List, Peaceful Warrior, Yes Man, Click and Bruce Almighty.

The Student Life staff worked on the selection of the movies.

“The process of picking the movies was simple. We looked for movies that would inspire people in the New Year. They had to be inspirational, motivation and life changing moves,” said Erick Roth, majoring in Criminal Justice at Madonna and working in the office. “Since we started the New Year 2013 we wanted people to think about what they could fix in their lives and how they could fix them. It is about going out and doing the things you didn't think you could do. It is about living your life to its fullest. That was the theme of the movies and why we picked them.”

Even though the attendance is not high, students who attend the Winter Movie Nights do enjoy them.

“I did go to the movie! I Watched ‘The Bucket List’. I went with my friend Amber Rafko. It was a great movie and had a lot of positive great outlook on life,” said Whitney Paddock, Pre-Nursing student at Madonna. “Not very many people went, but I would go again though.”

“I've attended the movie nights at Madonna. I have watched "The Bucket List" and "Peaceful Warrior" at the movie nights. I chose to go to the movie nights because it's a nice break from homework to go relax and watch a good movie in S100. The screen and sound system in the S100 lecture hall makes it seem as if you're at an actual movie theater,” said Shannon Dusute, majoring in Early Childhood Education. “The movie nights allow for the Madonna community to come together to watch an inspiring movie, discuss it, learn more about each other, and have a fun night.”

The posters about the Winter Movie Nights that are all around the campus shout out to Madonna Community to be inspirational, have fresh starts, new beginnings and second chances.

“The selection of movies is very inspirational. The movie ‘The Bucket List’ gets you thinking about what you want to do before you die. The movie ‘Peaceful Warrior’ is full of wonderful messages inspiring viewers not to give up on what they love,” said Dusute.

“The movie nights play as a so called ‘chill’ time for the Madonna University Students. We want the students to enjoy themselves and by having the Madonna Movie Nights we are able to make their college experience that much better and enjoyable,” said Roth. “We do plan to organize movie nights more often and definitely more in the spring and some next year as well.”



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