Drive collects books for children

By Elizabeth Comben

The Martin Luther King remembrance week at Madonna included several events and service projects that allowed students to become educated and experience some of the values Dr. King preached.  One such project involved donating children’s books for the Books 4 Kids Book Drive.  The books collected were donated to Sweet Dreamzzz Inc.  

Crystal Banks, president of the Psychology Club, explained the event.

“The Psych Club worked with Sweet Dreamzzz last year and we wanted to carry on the legacy.”  Banks, along with co-members Tyler Rumbold and Jaun Jimenez enthusiastically collected dozens of books for the drive. 

Sweet Dreamzz is a non-profit organization that believes in the importance of sleep, especially for children.  They provide sleep education and bedtime essentials to help improve the overall health and academic performance of children. 

As stated on their website, “Sweet Dreamzzz’ mission is to ensure that all children have a warm, comfortable night’s sleep and that they be educated regarding the importance of sleep.”  The organization, based in Farmington Hills, has helped about 40,000 children over the past 11 years.  They hold events all across the state in which the public can participate. 

The book drive at Madonna will provide many children with a bedtime story, which is a step towards a proper night’s sleep. 

The sweet dreams provided by the donated books mirror the dreams of Dr. King, himself.  He believed in a place that is equal in all aspects for everyone, especially children.  Providing a good night’s sleep starts the recipe for the child’s success, not only in education but in their professional life as well. 

The Psychology Club appreciated all of the donors who brought books for these children and anticipates working with the Sweet Dreamzzz organization in the future.

“Dr. King had a good dream, and this organization is working to provide good dreams to children.  This book drive fits into the MLK week very well” explained Jimenez.