Kayla Daugherty


National Single’s Appreciation Day, S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day), Cupid’s Day, and the Feast Day Saint Valentine – all are names for a Hallmark holiday otherwise known as Valentine’s Day.

A writing instructor at Madonna University, Marian Gonsior, added another name to the list: Paper Hearts Workshop.

Students lucky enough to be in Madonna’s campus Thursday, Feb. 14, have the opportunity to participate in the Writing Center’s annual write-a-thon. The fun starts at 9 a.m. and continues until 7 p.m.

“The last couple years we have called it the Valentine’s Day Write-a-thon,” said Frances FitzGerald, “but this year we decided we needed a change. Thankfully I work with some creative people such as Marian Gonsior and a new name was easily created.”

In charge of Madonna’s Writing Center, FitzGerald finds a way to incorporate writing into every holiday. One may remember the National Day of Writing which conveniently fell around Halloween and included various costumes, props and decadent candy.

Not only does FitzGerald have fun at these events, her staff: the peer writing tutors enjoy themselves too. Rebekah Philips has been a writing tutor at Madonna’s Writing Center almost two years. The writing major thoroughly enjoyed herself last year and cannot wait for this upcoming Paper Hearts Workshop. 

“It’s a lot of fun. We have people read original/famous poems out loud, and a few students come and get tutored,” said Philips. “Ann Russell always pulls out her ‘How to Write a Love Poem’ workshop.”

Russell decided to add a little twist to her normally tranquil poem writing workshop by introducing a “How to Write a Break-up Poem” workshop as well. Russell, the Director of Writing programs, has a great sense of humor and this workshop is sure to be a blast.

“Feuding couples would be wise to avoid this workshop however,” FitzGerald advised. “We at the Writing Center encourage the students to fully express their thoughts and emotions… who knows what will happen!”

In addition to the poem writing workshops, there will also be prompts for students to write about, as well as traveling stories to contribute to. Furthermore students are encouraged to bring their own poetry, original writings or favorite pieces to read out loud.

Also students are encouraged to come to the Paper Hearts Workshop for what the Writing Center does best – tutoring!

On top of all the fun things planned for students at the workshops, all participants have the chance to win valuable prizes such as heart headbands, candies and other gems from the local dollar store. One lucky winner will take home a $25 gift card from Barnes and Noble that can be used at Madonna’s bookstore. 


Paper Hearts Workshop debuts Feb. 14