By Chris Austin

Moviegoers in Livonia and surrounding areas will again be able to enjoy movies at Laurel Park Place as the theatres reemerge with a new look and a new moniker.

Phoenix Theatres, a local, independently-owned movie theatre chain, scooped up the former AMC location after a 20-year lease ended between AMC and the owners of the building that houses the theatres.

“We got a call back in February that AMC was leaving the theatre and that their lease was going to end in the last week of October and were asked by the Shostack Family whether we wanted to manage this location for them,” said Cory Jacobson, co-owner of Phoenix Theatres. “With this being adjacent to the shopping center, it was important to them to keep this theatre in business.”

Major renovations to the 10-screen theatre include updates to the projection and sound systems, including 3-D digital projection, all new seating that features tall-back rockers in four of the theatres, as well as an increase of 12 inches in leg room between rows, making it easier to maneuver in the aisles without disturbing the whole row.

“We put new carpet in the lobby; we repainted all of the painted surfaces. We put in two semi-loads of theatre seats, which was about 100 thousand pounds of theatre seats,” said Jacobson. “We put in all new screens and kind of looked at the image sizes and made some changes and modifications from what was here so that we could maximize the picture size from what it was.”

Jacobson also noted that the newly renovated theatres will no longer have a traditional box office.

“We eliminated the box office. We’re going to sell tickets at the concession stand as well as popcorn, drinks and your normal movie theatre fare.”

Ticket prices will also be significantly lower than many of the major national-chain competitors in the area with top-end general admission weekend prices, topping out at $7.50 – a 20 percent reduction from what the previous operators charged. A student discount will also be offered for $6.75.

“I like a real consistence price,” Jacobson said. “It’s almost rolling the prices back to what they were in 1998.”

In addition to popular movie choices, Jacobson said he plans to offer a wider variety of independent films that other local theatres don’t normally exhibit.

“We’re going to try to sneak in some art films when we can. I think that’s something that this area of the community is a little weak on right now, and I think there’s some very good pictures that the independent community has out there that I think would fit well here.”

The Phoenix Theatres at Laurel Park Place are now open. Patrons can visit for more information on current showtimes, ticket prices or even to purchase advance tickets for upcoming releases.


Phoenix Theatres at Laurel Park