By Allison Follbaum

As a Catholic university, Madonna has vibrant community in Campus Ministry with students who strive to be leaders in faith.  Campus Ministry just welcomed a new director, Patrick Waters who started at the beginning of the Fall 2012 semester. 

Waters considered a vocation to the priesthood for several years, before discerning that God was not calling him in that direction.  He eventually earned a master’s in pastoral care and counseling at Neumann University.  His focus of spiritual leadership during his studies led him to serve others as a spiritual director for over a dozen years now.

He was a member of the team of ministers involved in the campus ministry program at St. Mary Student Parish, the Catholic campus ministry program at the University of Michigan. Waters engaged in a variety of components including retreats, presentations, liturgical planning, meetings and group discussions and spiritual direction. "I also…helped students process their experiences as they engaged in social justice activities," said Waters.

Hallie Raney, junior in Nursing and member of the Madonna Tota Pulchra subcommittee of Campus Ministry, said Waters’ presence has been spiritually strengthening.  “I’ve really enjoyed talking with [him] and especially how [he’s] encouraging us to deepen our spirituality,” said Raney.

Sarah Kosel, Sign Language studies major and leader of Peace and Justice subcommittee, said that Waters helped them restructure their group and challenge them.  “This semester has been really awesome because Mr. Waters has helped us…bring a lot of spirituality back into it,” said Kosel.  “I just want to say thanks to him and it’s been a wonderful semester.

Waters started meeting with the leaders of the subcommittees in Campus Ministry to help with discussions and shared events between the groups.  “It’s been really great having [him] here and I’ve really appreciated just how [he’s] encouraged open communication,” said Raney. 

Campus Ministry students are looking forward to a bright and productive future full of good works and an expansion of presence on campus. 

Kayla Daugherty, Journalism and Public Relations major and co-leader of the Respect Life group, thanks Waters also for the smooth transition.  “We are really focusing on our womb to tomb theme and [he] just took that and went with it,” said Daugherty. 

“We really appreciate your willingness to work with all of us and your ability to manage everything as a new person and still making it work,” she said.  “Thank you for your time and welcome to Madonna.”

If students of any faith are interested in joining Campus Ministry visit room 1408, new this semester after last summer’s renovations, and fill out a membership card.  Patrick Waters can

be reached at (734) 432-5839 or



Campus Ministry welcomes new director