By Karina Stephens

There is still time left to sign up for the June 17-30 study abroad trip to China.  Students have until Jan. 9 to complete registration and put $500 down on the trip.

The total cost for this trip is going to be under $4,000, which includes the international airfare, hotel accommodations, tours, cultural classes, ground transportation, visits to local universities, and more, and students also pay much less for tuition with the study abroad programs.  

“Since students only need to pay one third the tuition during the study abroad trip, they will save $2,387 from the regular tuition rate if they take two courses for seven credits, which can be used to pay for the trip,” said Grace Philson, the Director of the International Students Office.

With the tuition savings and FATE scholarship offered by the Center for Study Abroad, students really only need to pay $1,513 for this two-week all-inclusive study abroad trip.  The price was just lowered plus, getting seven credits in less than two weeks for one-third the price of tuition here?  Can’t beat that.

The credits available for this study abroad trip include three general education requirement credits in humanities and history, and also business credits are available for business majors. 

During the trip, three major cities along the Silk Road will be toured: Beijing, Xi’an, and Dunhuang.  Beijing, the capital of China, has more than 1,000 years of history, and students will get to visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, the Science and Technology Museum, the Olympic Park, and the Beijing Zoo.  

“There will also be opportunity to visit the downtown areas to shop and try local delicacy,” said Philson about touring Beijing.

After visiting Beijing, the group will head to Xi’an, which “is the place where the Terra Cotta warriors from the Qing Dynasty were discovered,” said Philson.  Xi’an is one of the most significant historic cities in the world and has a history over 2,000 years old.  In this city, students will get to see the Shanxi History Museum, Da-Yan Pagoda, and Terra Cotta Warrior Museum.

The last city for this study abroad program will be Dunhuang, which was a major hub along the Silk Road.  A lot of trading between China and the western world took place in this city.  “There is a mixed flavor of the East and the West,” said Philson.  Students will get to see caves with wall paintings done approximately 2,000 years ago, the desert area in the city to see rock formations and do some sand sliding, and students can also ride a camel.

“When traveling to a foreign country, students are going to experience places, people and culture that are unique and different from their own,” Philson said. “This experience can be eye-opening and life-changing.”  
She strongly encourages students go on this beautiful, worthwhile trip.  She quoted a fitting Chinese proverb:  “Traveling thousands of miles is much more worthwhile than reading thousands of books. “
For more information on this trip, contact Philson at 734-432-5791 or or Cathy Andonian, Director of the Center for Study Abroad at


Signup deadline for China trip is Jan. 9