By Idamarie Tedesco
It's been over a decade since we've seen Babs (the almighty Barbara Streisand) star on the silver screen (not counting “Meet the Fockers”). Her last starring role was in 1996 in "The Mirror has Two Faces," but in this film, it's a wonder why she took a break from comedy for so long.
"The Guilt Trip" (directed by Anne Fletcher) tells the story of an up-and-coming scientist named Andy Webster (Seth Rogen). Before taking off on an eight-day road trip across the country to promote his latest invention, he decides to invite his mother (Streisand) along to track down a past lover of hers.
Joyce is the perfect combination of a stereotypical mother who simply adores her son. From nagging him on how much water intake he should have a day to bragging about him to all of her girlfriends, her character is the most lovable and pleasant part of the film.
Rogen's character couldn't be more opposite. It was very difficult seeing him play a character so unlike all of his others in his films such as "Knocked Up" or "Superbad." He's sour, bitter, and flat out unappreciative of his mother's loving efforts toward him until the middle of the film. 
The film offers relatable moments just about anyone could share with their own parents, which is why it was so enjoyable. "The Guilt Trip" reaches out to an audience of all ages. Whether you're in your prime teenage years where you can appreciate wanting to have your distance from your mother, or in your 60s where the most rewarding thing that can happen to you is your child asking you to spend eight straight days in a row on a road trip with him.
The chemistry between Rogen and Streisand was incredible. This on-screen duo depicted the typical relationship an affectionate mother can have with her son.
After the preview, the audience was able to watch a live satellite interview with Rogen and Streisand. In that duration, I learned a few fun facts about the film.
While the story is supposed to be set in numerous states, the entire film was actually filmed in Malibu, just 45 minutes away from Streisand’s home.
“I didn’t want to travel too far. In one scene it was supposed to be snowing, so production actually created fake snow in Malibu.”
I also learned that while on the topic of “road trip” movies, Rogen’s favorite is the film “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” starring Steve Martin and John Candy.
I’d highly recommend seeing this film with the entire family. Who knows, it just might inspire you to take a weeklong road trip alone with just your mother or father. Or not.


The Guilt Trip doesn’t disappoint