by Anastasija Baranovska

The annual We Can Win student campaign for Madonna University held a drawing to select the winners of an iPad3, diamond ring and $1,000 in cash last month.

Students were selling the $10 raffle tickets from the beginning of the fall semester with benefits to Crusader athletics and other student groups and organizations.

The chance to win great prizes motivated students to make the We Can Win campaign big, but also the fact that 80 cents out of every dollar raised came back to their organization, group or team.

“I sold 10 tickets to support my cross-country team to my family,” said Shannon Dusute, majoring in elementary education and Spanish language. “The majority of the money, in my case $80, will come back. Hopefully, it will give a chance to my team to travel more and get more gear next season.”

The raffle raised $28,190.

“I won the second prize which was an iPad 3. I found out I won when I got a text from my coach saying I won the iPad in the raffle and also got a phone call from one of my teammates saying congrats. I was very excited to win,” said Rob Fraser, baseball player, majoring in Sport Management at Madonna. “I did not really expect to win because the last four years I have bought these raffle tickets and never won and this year I never expected my ticket to be drawn for a prize mainly because there are so many other people that bought raffle tickets and the chances of winning were quite slim.”

Joyce Parenti from Student Accounts took home the $1,000 prize.

“I think Madonna should keep doing this fundraiser. It is great idea. It helped my team fundraising last year and gave us the chance to go on a couple spring trips in February.  It is a good way to win something that could be very useful,” said Fraser. “The iPad 3 will help me out a lot because I was thinking about buying a laptop but now I don't really need to.”



We Can Win campaign draws its winners