By Kary Feick

Unless you live in a world in which money truly grows on trees, do not
spend your hard earned savings on this frustrating hardly, new sequel. “Shrek” has been called “The greatest fairy tale never told.” Well, please, do not keep re-creating the same story and telling it!

After the first “Shrek” movie entertained viewers in 2001, DreamWorks thought three more sequels would keep the money overflowing at the box office. With each new release, the disappointment began to rise, the story became even more meaningless, and the dollars only drained further.

“Shrek Forever After” may have been a cute story for young children, but completely not worth the time for anyone older than 12. In comparison to earlier  “Shrek” movies, the Ogre couple is no longer charming or funny.

Shrek becomes so tired of his everyday life that he absolutely insists on getting away from it. Unfortunately, he does not realize the family and friends who love him until much later.

When Shrek lived on his own, life was easier and almost everyone left him alone. People were afraid of Ogres and would run from them. In the present movie, no one is afraid of Ogres. In an effort to ease his mind and release stress, Shrek signs a ‘one day free’ contract with the mischievous, devious Rumpelstiltskin. The contract states that Shrek must give up one day from his past in order to have a day for himself in the present.

Complications begin when Rumpelstiltskin surprises Shrek with the ‘chosen day.’ To his surprise, Rumpelstiltskin turns out as nothing more than a joker with a bag full of tricks. The contract actually set a curse upon Shrek, but fortunately he meets a new friend smart enough to detect the ‘fine print.’ Shrek discovers there is a way to lift the curse, but a difficult journey lies ahead of him.

In the present day, warrior princess, Fiona leads an Ogre tribe against the land of Far, Far Away, now ruled by King Rumpelstiltskin. Even though the two once fell in love, Fiona claims she has never seen Shrek before. Shrek must battle to the end of his life and prove to Fiona that they know each other, getting her to fall in love with him all over again. If Shrek plays his cards right, Fiona will allow Shrek to kiss her, and break the curse set by Rumpelstiltskin.

Why would anyone see this predictable movie? I wanted to leave in the middle of this time waster. Of course heroic Shrek will rescue his own life by making Fiona realize that she loves him. Only in this loose, expected storyline Shrek will solve all of his problems in the ‘nick of time.’

“Shrek Forever After” is worth 2.5 out of 5 stars for a cute story, but just plain predictable and outright boring plot.  


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