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By Christina Salvatore

Madonna University is making a change that will not only save the university money, but will make it more convenient for students and their everyday life on campus.  Students have been hearing about the new Madonna Onecard and recently received a new card in the mail with not only a new look, but also their photo ID.

The new and improved cards just recently came out and were sent to students at their home during spring break.  Peggy Finnigan in Student Accounts has made the transition of cards her main priority and it has been very successful. 

Prior to the new card, students would have to carry around their Madonna identification and their Madonna Onecard, but the staff thought it was time for a change.  Saving money and helping students is Madonna’s number one priority and by combining the debit card with the photo ID makes it a big way to help everyone.

“Our main goal is to have better service for the students, and this card is great because it can be used for anything,” said Finnigan. 

The cards cannot only be used in the bookstore when purchasing merchandise but also on certain vending machines and copiers.  In the near future, the cards will also replace printing cards and have on-campus keyless entry to make it more convenient for staff and students. 
“It will save us a lot of money because of the joint card and it will be easier for the student,” said Finnigan. 

To activate the new card, directions appear on the log in label on the front of the card beneath the words, “This is not a credit card.”    The services currently provided by activation of the Madonna Onecard are security/identification, residential and commuter meal plans, a MasterCard debit card, electronic refunds, and a banking relationship with Higher One, Inc. free checking.

Chief Information Technology Officer John Fosselman was another staff member at Madonna that has helped make the Madonna Onecards a success.

"I enjoy the challenge of implementing new technology for our Madonna University community, but the "lion's share" of the credit goes to Student Accounts and the Information Technology staff who put the pieces together to make this work. I’m sure the Madonna OneCard will prove itself to be an important step forward for students, faculty and staff,” said Fosselman.

The new cards have numerous amounts of great features, but another big plus is the commuter meal plan.  In order to partake in the meal plans, the card must be activated first before going any further.  Payment is made for the desired meal plan in room 2005 of the academic building and can take up to 24 hours for the plan to be installed on the card.  The meal plan options consist of the bronze plan, which is $100, the silver plan for $200, and the gold plan for $300.  If any plan is purchased, the student can also receive a bonus of $25, $50, or $75!

Students will also need to keep this card even after graduation or if for any reason you may not be expecting to return to the university.  The card has a five-year expiration date and if during the five-year period a student returns to the university, and a new card is required. A replacement fee of $30 will be charged. 

For more information please visit student accounts or for help activating your card please see the activation demo provided by Higher One, Inc. at or call Higher One, Inc. at 1866-663-3838.