By Megan A. Drabek

The only senior and all-star basketball player at Madonna, Tabathya Wydryck, has big plans for the future.  Wydryck, a senior at Madonna University with a major in Pre-Med has been a member of the woman’s basketball team for four years, serving as a catalyst on the court and in the classroom.

Over the last few years, the woman’s basketball team has been extremely successful, especially with players like Wydryck on the team.  The 6-1’’ forward was recently named Academic All-WHAC, Honorable Mention All-American, All-WHAC first team, and WHAC All-Defensive team.  This season, the Crusaders are aiming high.

“This season, our challenge is our age.  Our team is very young,” said Wydryck.  “We’re working on fixing the ‘Madonna Letdown’.  We always tend to get leads and then give them up.”

A natural born leader, Wydryck wants to lead the team to the national championship her last year playing, and be respected for what she has achieved on the court.

“Without my teammates, coaches, and family I would not be where I am at today.  Without them, not only would I not have been this successful, but it wouldn’t mean anything,” she said.

Wydryck, like many students at Madonna, is faced with the challenge of balancing basketball and school, while trying to maintain a social life.  This does not phase Wydryck.

“I’ve actually found that playing basketball has helped me to balance school.  With basketball, you’re given a schedule to follow, which forces you to manage your time,” said Wydryck.  “You have to learn how to make sacrifices.”

Wydryck dedicates just as much time in the classroom.  If she is not on the court, she works as a supplemental instructor for microbiology, a note-taker for different courses, a tutor, and work-study.  She is also a member of Campus Ministry.

The pre-med student-athlete’s dream is to become a doctor, and after this year, work on getting into medical or dental school.  Madonna has helped shape Wydryck’s life in more ways than one; it has provided her with tools that she will use in the future.

“Madonna is a perfect fit for me.  The people are amazing, and it always feels like home,” said Wydryck.  “I have created a lot of relationships here, mostly because of its small size.  I enjoy the closeness of everyone.”

Outside of school and basketball, Wydryck’s favorite thing to do includes spending time with her family and friends, and always trying to stay active.

“I love spending time with my very large and sometimes dysfunctional family,” she said.  “I also like to play all sports and will always try something once.  A recent passion of mine is traveling!”

As for now, Wydryck continues to lead her team on the court and thrive in the classroom.  This year marks her last year with the basketball team.

“It is so bittersweet to think this is my last year.  I can honestly say that time flew by and if I could go back and do it all again, I would,” she said. “These four years have been the best of my entire life.”


Wydryck beats the challenge, makes a difference, and thrives to save lives