Burger Delux worth your buck

By Christina Salvatore

I am a big hamburger-lover and I know every other American is, or else these burger joints would not be doing so well.  There is nothing like biting into a nice burger to satisfy those cravings, adding some fries on the side, and washing it down with a nice cold coke.

Living in Northville, I noticed there was a new burger restaurant on 5 mile just west of Haggerty at Lake Pointe Plaza called Burger Delux.  Since the grand opening a month ago, I have found myself always driving past it on my way home from school. This particular time, I decided to stop. 

When first walking into this small, but quaint restaurant, the smell of ground beef came wafting off the grill and I knew right off the bat that this meal was going to be delicious. 

I looked over the menu for a few seconds before instantly settling on the basic cheeseburger and fries for $7.99.   The menu was small, but consisted of all the basic greasy and delicious foods we all love.  Fresh cut sea salt French fries, turkey burgers, gyros, Greek and Caesar salads, and of course grilled cheese for the kids, filled the menu. 

The prices were reasonable with burger costs ranging from five to ten dollars.  With fries only priced at $1.95 for the small bag or $2.95 for the large bag, along with a fountain pop for $1.29, it is a place that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

I put my order in and was instantly anxious to try their burger and fries.   When the employee asked me what toppings I would like, which were free, and unlimited—two of my favorite words—I began to scan the list.  I chose the basic onion, lettuce, tomato, and ketchup.  While waiting, I was able to watch the cook prepare my burger on the grill and load the fresh fries into the basket ready to be dipped in the fryer.   It was a very quick process and only took about five minutes for my order to be done.  I decided to get the meal to go since I had some homework to complete, but I knew next time I would dine in because of the great setting.

I was welcomed right away and helped instantly, which is always a plus in any new restaurant.  It was a nice environment with a few tables for customers, a fountain pop machine, and a good view of your burger on the grill.  Finally, I heard the man say “your order is done” and I couldn’t grab the bag fast enough.

While driving home, I had to try a fry—we all know you can’t each just one.  I finally reached my house and had to stop myself from eating the whole bag, which I must say, was a good amount.  They were perfectly crispy, just enough salt, and not to greasy.

The burger was huge and could easily fulfill someone’s appetite.  I took my first bite and was pleased to say that it was scrumptious.  The burger was done perfectly and all the toppings added great flavor.  The bun had a great taste and wasn’t too crispy or hard to bite into.

Burger Delux is a great little restaurant that I would recommend to any burger fanatic.  It is open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and closed on Sundays.  The employees are welcoming, and they have a variety of food for the whole family.

If I had to rate this restaurant out of five stars, I would give it a four.  Good location, fast service, and reasonable prices make it a place any burger lover will enjoy.

For more information on Burger Delux or to have them cater your next party call (734) 420-5111. You will not be disappointed!