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By Christina Salvatore

Tuition increases are affecting millions of schools around the country including Madonna University with rates increasing to $28 per credit hour or a 5.9 percent increase.  

Leonard Wilhelm, Vice President of Business and Finance at Madonna, said the hike is needed. 

“The increase is necessary to help cover health care rate increases with the passage of the health reform act, utility rate increases in both natural gas and electric, and salary increases if we are to retain and attract qualified faculty and staff,” said Wilhelm.

The new tuition rates will take effect for fall term 2011.

Undergraduate courses in 2010 cost $458 per credit hour and have now risen to $486. 

Nursing has increased to $540 from $510. 

Room and board has inc
reased to $200, depending on the number of meals each week, room size, and if students are currently undergraduate or graduate status. 

“Madonna continues to be one of the most affordable private colleges and universities within the State of Michigan,” said Wilhelm.

Other schools in the state of Michigan such as Aquinas College, Lawrence Tech., and Concordia University, have a tuition rates $200 more than Madonna University. 

Aquinas College charges students $615 per credit hour, Lawrence Tech charges $857, Concordia rings in at $693 a credit hour.

Karen Sanborn, Director of Marketing at Madonna, is also very involved in Madonna’s tuitions rates and believes it’s an affordable price for a private college.

“At Madonna, the Administrative Council and the Board of Trustees believe that higher education should be affordable to all, therefore tuition is maintained at the lowest possible level. The current 5.9 percent increase was thoroughly reviewed before being approved by university leaders,” said Sanborn. 

“We are proud to be one of the most affordable private, liberal arts universities, not only in Michigan, but also nationwide,” said Sanborn.