By: Jessica Fellows

Asking someone what their sign is could lead someone into a very angry and frustrating conversation. As of January 2011, the use of the ancient 13 zodiac constellation has been called to use. The reason—because the Earth’s axis has shifted, the Ophiuchus sign has become part of the zodiac signs.

The very controversial issue has brought a lot of argument and anger to the table. Confusion has erupted among those who religiously follow their sign an
d horoscope predictions. In turn, the changes have led people to question themselves and the personality traits that are so distinct according to which month and day they were born.

For myself, I was born an Aquarius. I’m built with a great sense of humor, a desire to achieve and I can be difficult to understand sometimes. Yet as I read the traits given to those of a Capricorn, vigilant, practical, the ambitious nature that doesn’t allow them to give up and fight whatever gets in their way, I realize that this sign to can explain my nature.

So what does this mean for those who read their daily predictions and gasp in shock at how realistic they relate to what is foreseen about their daily finances, career and relationships? It causes people to lose faith in those predictions and lose confidence in who they have become, or plan to be.

Have I been following a sign that doesn’t actually apply to my life? The moves people make in their lives sometimes rely completely on whether or not the stars have held that action to be a good one at that moment in time. Can I devote the terrible experiences I have had to the fact that I listened to my horoscope?

I say fear not and remain strong for those who follow zodiac signs and develop plans according to the stars that are above us. The western astrology, which is most practiced in this region, follows the planets alignments more than the constellations themselves. For the past 3000 years, astrologers and believers combined have mapped out days, weeks, months, even years for your sign in the many areas of life. Love, career, finance and overall horoscopes have been fueling many people decisions and personalities for centuries. Why change now? Follow who you truly believe that you are.

The way we were born, isn’t always who we want to be in the end. So if the change fits you for the better, go for it. It simply comes down to that one word, change. Is it beneficial for you to conform, or be a radical and choose your own path? That’s for you to decide— not the stars, planets or even your parents— just you.


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Constellations that are not so constant