Spring Break: Better safe than sorry

By Jessica Fellows


Beaches, sun and no classes mark the fun-filled week of spring break. Putting exams, studying, and snow behind tend to make students let loose and put themselves in dangerous situations.  If your browsing the shops in Panama City Beach, Florida or hitting the sand bars in Cancun, Mexico, the dangers that arise during the most irresponsible period of a young adult’s life, does not change.

From the combination of stress and alcohol, college students around the country, behave in a risky manner. Letting go of inhibitions and relaxing for the first time since Christmas break, spring breakers tend to put themselves in unforeseen dangerous situations. A good way to start preventing yourself from being a victim is to do research on the area you are planning on attending, from making sure that your hotel is in a widely public area to the cab rides you catch home.

“Well my friends and I stay safe on spring break pretty much by using the buddy system no one goes anywhere without at least one person but usually were constantly traveling in groups,” said Lisa Hengesbaugh, a Forensic Science and Criminal justice student. “Also we have the local taxi’s on speed dial.”

There are simple steps to ensure safety during what can be the most enjoyable time of anybody’s college days.

According to Associated Content, the best ways to stay safe during your trip are:

•Don’t drink over your limit and be sure to always carry your identification to prove your drinking age. Drinking too much can lower inhibitions and impair your judgment.

•Always be sure to lock your hotel door while you are inside, don’t answer the door without asking who the visitor is, and be sure if the visitor claims to be staff that you check with the front desk for verification.

•Don’t over-expose yourself to the sun; keep yourself hydrated with water when a lot of time is spent at the beaches and around the pool.

Even for students not planning on heading to any crazy destinations, the safety of simple nights out on the town is just as important. Ensuring that drinks are never left unattended, you always travel in groups, and you have researched your area well to know where you are at all times are very important things to remember.

“I plan on working during Spring Break, but if I was going to a tourist hot spot I would take precautions by researching the area, and making sure my friend and I traveled in groups,” said Jenna Gambino, a Graphic Design Student.

Putting an emphasis on safety and responsible behavior tends to take out the fun of having a great time, but as long as everyone remembers the dangers that lurk about during this wild time of year, the chances of a dangerous situation occurring become less likely.

So remember Madonna Students, have a blast this spring break, but don’t risk fun for the safety of your or your friends.