By Meagan Lutey

Are the high prices of tickets deterring you from seeing movies at the theater?  Maybe you just can’t get around to watching your favorite movies at home?  Madonna’s Office of Student Life has created a great solution to your movie-going woes with a once-weekly film series.

Every Wednesday from 9 to 11 p.m. a well-loved film is shown in room S100 in the Franciscan Center.  The free event gives students a chance to relax with friends after a long day of classes, and perhaps get inspired as well.

“The Madonna film series was started as a way to entertain and educate students about different aspects of what our office believes are important lessons that students cannot learn from a textbook,” says Mia Bonnici, a Student Life assistant.

Madonna’s Student Life department started the film series at the beginning of the past fall semester.  The movies for each semester focus on a certain theme, with fall’s theme being college life and winter’s being leading a team.

“I develop the original theme for the movies and create a list,” says Bonnici.  “Then I run the list by other Student Life assistants and our Student Life Coordinator.  These particular movies were chosen because they all have to do with leading a team.”

The most popular movies shown during the fall semester were “The Waterboy,” “21,” “Sydney White” and “Accepted.”  The movies with the highest attendance at this point in the winter semester were “Mean Girls,” “The Blindside” and “The Devil Wears Prada.”

The movie events add a tech savvy twist in the form of a text discussion.  “We have a text poll discussion during the films to discuss important themes, like college life or leading a team, that come up during the movie,” says Amanda Geraci, Student Life Coordinator.  “We were very intentional about the films we chose and the lessons we hope students learn from the films.”

Students were invited to evaluate their experience with the film series at the end of the semester.  Most students found “The Great Debaters” to be the most inspirational film. 

“‘Great Debaters’ had the greatest impact on me,” said one student.  “It was very motivational and inspiring.  Also, it was the kind of movie that reminds you no matter how bad things get, they can always get worse.”

As an added bonus, students who attend movies have the chance to win a $10 AMC gift card each week and a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card at the end of the semester.  All students who attend every film in a semester receive a copy of their favorite film in that series.

Students can look forward to seeing several favorites during March and April, including “Star Wars IV” March 14, “Miracle” on March 21, “School of Rock” on April 11 and “Aladdin” April 18.



Film series brings Silver Screen experience to Madonna