By Idamarie Tedesco

As the "award show season" comes to an end, we can all dry our tears and wait around until next year to watch celebrities receive praise along with all the awards and trophies.

Just because our television sets won't be bombarded with coverage of celebrities walking down the red carpet anymore, though, at Madonna, we don't have to look too far to get the next best thing.

It turns out Madonna is full of students who resemble (and may be even a little better looking) than some of the hottest celebrities out there today.

Here's a look at just a few of them:

Tony Villella-Adam Sandler


The hair, the smile, and the personality of Adam Sandler are all things Villella covets. When asked what some of his favorite Adam Sandler movies are he answered "I like all his movies!"


Roxi Sanfilippo-Ellen Page

Major-Broadcast and Cinema Arts

I've spotted Sanfilippo around Madonna on numerous occasions and always thought she resembled Ellen Page. She was a little taken back and didn't agree with us too much on it.

"People have told me I look like Ellen Page before but I don't really see it!"


Anthony Jenkins-Marcques Houston

Major-Criminal Justice

There were multiple celebrity look-alikes I could have pin-pointed Jenkins to look like, but as soon as you get an up-close look, Marcques Houston was the one who Jenkins really shares his looks with.


Dina Albarazzi-Salma Hayek

When originally approached, my first thought was Albarazzi looks like Kim Kardashian. However, she opted to tell us she's heard she resembles Salma Hayek on a daily basis and we quickly changed our minds.


DJ Jaglois-Scott Disick


While casually lounging in the Take-5 Lounge, Jaglois caught my eye to be almost identical to Scott Disick from the reality TV series "Keeping up with the Kardashians." Those baby blues and even the way he was sitting in his chair resembled him.

"I've heard I look like Scott Disick as well as that guy Talin from ‘Laguna Beach’."



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