By Idamarie Tedesco

During a previous discussion in my Senior Seminar class, we learned the meaning of "practice-oriented education.”

It stated that "this new approach builds bridges between the realm of the intellect and the arenas of action and practice."

The translation: Put your education to work in a physical way, rather than just on paper.

As much fun as it is to write 10-page research papers, dissect animals in a Biology course, or spend half the semester of your Math class learning how to use the scientific calculator, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it.

Let’s face it; even though a student is required to have your Math, Science, and History courses, how much will it benefit a Photography or Broadcast Cinema Arts student?

I’ll be the first student here to state how fantastic my professors have been while at Madonna, but from personal experience, I find the best form of learning is by working hands-on in one’s chosen field.

That’s where internships come into play.

Throughout my college years I’ve participated in two internships and will be embarking on my third internship journey in the big apple this summer.

While working at my previous internships, I was able to work in different departments that really made me realize that my career choice is the one for me.

Sadly, though, it may be the experience that leads a student to believe it is certainly not the job for them, but it’s better to find out now than later.

When it comes to actually searching for the internship, though, there’s one website in particular that I swear by. is the go-to place to search for internships in your particular field.

The website was created by Lauren Berger, a 25-year-old college graduate who partook in 15 different internships throughout her college career.

It’s safe to say that if someone knows about getting an internship, it’s her.

After graduating college, she decided to put her knowledge to work and created the website.

Since graduating, Berger has accomplished numerous things at such an young age.

She’s been featured on “Good Morning America,” “Fox and Friends,” and

She also has a new book out titled “All Work No Pay,” a manual for college students to go by while searching for internships while in school.

By simply creating a login name, students are given the opportunity to fill out what fields they’re interested in working in.

The site is updated daily so that students are the first to know when a company is searching for interns.

Students can also upload their resumes and cover letters to the website so when an internship opportunity is posted they can apply to it on the spot.

Not only does the website post internship opportunities, but businesses and organizations are able to post job openings. 

The site also offers a glimpse inside current interns from around the nation’s lives.

For more information on Intern Queen visit the website at or find it on Facebook.



All work and no pay may actually pay off