by Anastasija Baranovska

A total of 62 successful donations were made at Madonna University during the February blood drive, which adds up to 186 saved lives, since each donation can possibly save three lives.

The American Red Cross organization and Madonna Red Cross club were in charge of the blood drive. Approximately 30 Madonna students volunteered at the blood drive and not only included Red Cross club members volunteered, but many others who wanted to give back.

“There were approximately 80 people who signed up to donate blood and we had 62 successful donations. We met our goal. There were three to four nurses working at a time and they switched around 2 o'clock in the afternoon,” said Karleigh Creighton, majoring in Journalism/Public Relations at Madonna University. “We had many volunteers participate in this drive. It was great to see so many students interested in helping out by writing thank-you notes to our donors, working canteen and also working registration.”

Madonna students felt good about themselves knowing that they have just helped save someone’s life. Even though some of the students were not able to give blood because of the low iron or other reasons, their effort was truly appreciated.

“I would consider every blood drive successful because even if we just have only one successful donor that donates, that is three lives that were saved because of one person. But this blood drive was extremely successful because we reached our goal for the first time in about a year. So the entire club was excited,” said Revati Nkosu, who is majoring in Chemistry.

The blood drive ran 11a.m. until 7:45 p.m. Despite a long day, everyone was spirited because they knew they were doing a right thing.

“I really enjoyed working at this past blood drive. I enjoyed working at this blood drive so much because I knew people were making a difference and saving lives,” said Matt Jenkins, majoring in Business. “I was very impressed with the amount of people who were willing to give. Just being a part of that was special.”

“I love to volunteer at the blood drives. Due to medical conditions I can’t donate blood, so my way of giving back is volunteering at the blood drives, and making sure everyone feels comfortable, and welcome so they will be willing to donate again,” said Nkosu. “The Madonna Community always comes out to help support the Red Cross Club when there is a blood drive. Whether it is volunteering or donating, or spreading the word Madonna students, staff and faculty is always there to help.”

“In comparison to other blood drives this was definitely a success, because we met our goal for the first time this year. I absolutely love working the blood drives. I think it is an amazing cause and it is so great to see the willingness of people to save lives and help out!” said Creighton. “It's awesome to know that there are so many great people out there and it makes me so happy to be a part of it. We always have a great response within the Madonna community to donate and I think it brings us together.”


School hosts successful blood drive