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Journalism 3160/4160 students assemble The Madonna Herald to learn reporting, writing, interviewing and
producing skills.

TMH students intend to provide the university with relevant news and information while striving to maintain professional integrity toward students, faculty, administration and Madonna’s Catholic traditions.






Students purchasing ebooks learn the way the NOOKstudy program really works.

Midnight breakfast

Student group leads trip

Swinging the night away

Preference trumps studiesebook_main_story.html

Tuition, as well as living costs, will rise following an executive board decision. With tuition at this level, some students don’t know how they will afford the increases.

For the first time in Madonna history, the men’s basketball team advanced to the championship game, won the WHAC tournament and will participate in the national tournament. First game: March 6.

Madonna plans to implement a powerful and cohesive sustainability element into future curriculum.

E-readers are becoming more talked about while those who prefer traditional print steer far away from the emerging technology.

Can we find a happy medium?

Will a bookless library succeed?

The Madonna Crusader’s baseball and softball teams strive for success this season.

Students led by Veronica Riha and Brandon Rennie will be going to Costa Rica and New York, respectively. Other students will be helping out in Mississippi.

Madonna students are ready to volunteer and donate blood. February blood drive met the goal and saved numerous lives.

The Criminal Justice department welcomes Tara Kane to her new position as the department chairperson.