Allison Follbaum

Television sitcoms from the 1950s showed diner experiences with delicious, reasonably priced food in a quaint atmosphere.  Visiting Zoe’s House of Pancakes provided that same vibe except in the 21st century.

Located on Haggerty in Livonia between 6 and 7 Mile, the venue sits tucked into the back of a strip mall with windows allowing passers by to peep in and see the delicious spread customers are enjoying.  

I took my seven-year-old brother along with me that morning around 10 a.m.  It wasn’t crowded, so we were seated right away in a booth in the center of the restaurant.  We looked over the menus to the sounds of Top 40 songs streaming through the speakers.  

Our waitress, Danielle, came over with a friendly smile on her face and took our drink orders.  Since we still needed a minute to look over the extensive menu, she agreed to come back shortly.

From the wide selection of pancakes, waffles, French toast, crêpes, omelets and breakfast meal variations and specialties, the younger half of the party found it hard to decide exactly what he wanted.  Finally he settled on the Mickey Mouse pancakes and then requested that chocolate chips be added, which Danielle kindly agreed upon.  I had the Cranberry-Granola-Walnut pancakes and we decided to split a side order of hash browns.  We requested that they be cooked “extra-crispy.”

I used the downtime while we were waiting for our food to observe the atmosphere of the restaurant.  Like I said before, a small-town vibe dictated the friendliness of the staff and the warm manner in which they welcomed regulars, calling them by name, or like us, new customers.  The simple interior with two rows of double booths in the middle and tables around the outside of the dining area, by the windows, gave an air of a family-owned diner.

Danielle came back about 15 or 20 minutes later with our order and my ravenous date dug right into his pancake without taking a breath.  Evidence of his enjoyment presented itself in the chocolate that circled his lips and the fact that he stopped responding to my small talk.  My pancakes were topped with chopped walnuts and dried cranberries, but also had those ingredients plus the granola mixed into the batter.

The pancakes were fluffy and delicious, and you could almost eat them without syrup.  The hash browns we ordered were cooked to crispy perfection as well, just as we requested.  Impossible to finish the whole meal, I asked for a box and planned on enjoying the rest of the pancakes later.  The total of the meal came to just under $16.  The Cranberry pancakes cost about $7, the kid’s meal about $5 and the hash browns, $2.  All reasonable prices for the filling meal we ate.

I can see families craving breakfast food for dinner, or a brunch meal on the weekend coming to this establishment.  It is family and economy-friendly and the variety of special flavors and combinations of pancakes is astounding.  

To enjoy a meal at Zoe’s House of Pancakes, visit their website for locations (  The Livonia location is open Monday-Saturday 6:30 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Sunday from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. 



Pancake house tastes, feels like a small-town experience