By Idamarie Tedesco

As we reach the end of this long, winding road that was winter semester 2012, some students are already thinking about summer classes, some avoiding them, and some are even graduating from Madonna.

We all know that once we take that final step in our cap and gown, it's up to us to figure out how we'll spend our time out of school and in the working world.

Some anticipate this change in lifestyle, others may dread it, but regardless of how we feel about the topic, it's something we're all going to have to face sooner or later.

In the sheer anarchy of actually searching for a job and finally landing that interview, there are a few tips we should be aware of before entering the hot seat in front of our interviewee.

The Do's

•Arrive to the interview at least 10 minutes. There's absolutely no worse impression someone can leave than being later for the job when you haven't even been hired yet.

•Do your research on the company before the interview. Walking into an interview totally clueless as to what the job entails, what the company's reputation is, or not having a sense of pride for the company is a one-way ticket to no-jobs-ville. It's on the map.

•Be prepared for some in-depth questions. One of the most difficult questions I remember being asked in an interview was "what was the most intense work situation you've ever been in?" At the time the only job experience I had was serving burgers at Red Robin, so this was a nightmare to me. 

•Dress accordingly, please. Ladies: tight skirts, low tops, and super high heels won't land you the job, sometimes not even if the interviewee is a man. Know when and where to wear the tube-top bare or with a blazer. Men: Sloppiness is a big old no-no. Pressed shirts and slacks, tucked in shirts without stains on them, and just a DASH of cologne should do the trick.

•Don't be afraid to ask questions during the interview. There's no more refreshing feeling than interviewing someone who cares enough to know about you or the business and cares enough learn more.

The Don'ts

•Turn off that cell-phone! This could be the biggest pet peeve in the history of interviews. We've been constantly trained to have the cell phone off during numerous occasions; church, plays, in the classroom, so what makes a job interview any different?

•If you're a smoker, I wouldn't recommend having a quick puff before the interview. There is no judging whatsoever if you do smoke, however, that stale, distinct smell will be the first and last impression you make to your interviewee.

•Don't bash any past corporations or jobs you worked at before. Even if you're interviewing with a competitor, the only impression you'll be giving is that you'll most likely go behind this company's back and do the same thing.

•And finally, DON'T BRING UP SALARY. If one of your main concerns off the bat is what you're going to be making rather than what your job is and how well you'll do at it, then be prepared to earn a whopping ZERO dollars from that company because they won't be hiring you.

I certainly hope these tips help you all out in the future. An important thought to have in mind when job-searching or interviewing for a position is that we have a Madonna reputation to live by and have pride in.


What to do correctly in a job interview