Brianna Rosenbaum graduated a semester early from Madonna’s nursing program and is a registered nurse at Beaumont’s Children’s Hospital.

Engineering major, Villela is described by many of his friends as a “go-to guy.” 

Thom Markey can often be seen doing homework in the Take-5 Lounge.

Nursing student, Cathy Ligeski, cantors at Madonna’s daily mass at least twice a week.

What these four individual have in common is that they all received the received the John Paul II award. 

This award recognizes students for their immense commitment to improve Madonna through its Campus Ministry. 

Individually the awardees have each had an impact on the community and students through Madonna University’s Campus Ministry. 

Thom, though only a freshman, is the head alter server for Madonna’s daily 11:30 a.m. mass. Writing major Rebekah Philips has seen the impact that Thom has had on the university.

“Thom does so much for daily mass,” said Philips. “Thom is kind of like the new Guido; I don't know how we'd get along without him.”

The other male recipient, Villela is a Campus Ministry assistant and key member in the student group: Peace and Justice. During the past two years at Madonna University, Dietetics major Jessica Klapko has been impressed with Villela’s commitment to helping others. 

“Tony has always been a good friend and always seemed willing to help out even when he isn't asked to,” said Klapko. “He’s a good coordinator of certain activities and makes sure that stuff gets accomplished.

The female recipients of the awards are coincidentally both nursing students. One only graduating from the program a short time ago and while the other is just beginning. 

Nursing graduate Brianna Rosenbaum served as the Respect Life President her entire time at Madonna University. 

“Brianna was the leader in respect life last year and she inspired me to do more for that group and taught me how to fight for life in a positive way,” said Klapko.

The new leader of the Respect Life group, and John Paul II recipient, Ligeski has devoted a significant amount of her time in knitting the group together and promoting respect on campus.

Addiction major, Jimmy Dagostino has seen the commitment that both Rosenbaum and Ligeski have shown, especially this year. 

“Brianna and Cathy are both extremely giving and devote what little free time they have to the defense of the unborn,” said Dagostino. “They have risked their reputations, time, and freedom for the unborn and for us and for that an award is the least we can give them.”
All four students are Education major and a member of Madonna’s Campus Ministry, Hannah Faber, was not surprised when she saw who received the awards. 

“All of the John Paul II awardees are very deserving this year. They have spent a lot of time and put a ton of effort toward many Campus Ministry events. Furthermore they inspire me to serve others more through Campus Ministry events,” said Faber.  “They have done a ton of good for Campus Ministry as well as Madonna University as a whole. We are lucky to have them here! They all definitely deserve this award!”



Four students stand out for their dedication