By: Kayla Daugherty

When students return to Madonna in the fall, those who live on campus will be pleasantly surprised with the improvements implemented during their summer vacation.

“During the summer, the Madonna Residence Hall will be given a sort-of a ‘face-lift’,” said Tanisha McIntosh.

As the Director of Residence Life at Madonna, McIntosh witnesses first-hand the changes that need to be implemented in the residence hall. After listening to the student’s opinions and acknowledging their needs she worked with the university to make improvements.

“Every window will be taken out and replaced by thermal windows. Every single one,” said McIntosh. “It will look so much better!”

Religious Studies and mathematics major, Marisa Rosenbaum, cannot wait to see what the renovated residence hall will look like in the fall.

“I definitely think that it is needed,” said Rosenbaum, “It is good to see that the money we are paying is going to good use to fix the problems in the residence hall.”

In addition to new windows, fresh carpeting will be laid, replacing the worn carpet of the residence hall. Furthermore the furniture in the rooms will be taken out so all the title floors can be waxed.

“Starting May 1st, the 90 day project will be in full swing,” explained Craig Flinkinger.

Working with several different contractors, Flinkinger, the Director of Facilities in the department Operations and Maintenance, will oversee the summer project.

Every room will also receive a fresh coat of paint, which will satisfy the wishes of many students such as History major, David Swayze.

“Many of us would like to have our rooms painted. And if the university won’t paint them, then they should give the students the option to paint our rooms,” said Swayze.

The addition of new paint will help spruce up the residence hall. Areas open to the public will receive extra attention, as McIntosh hopes to create more unity and energy on campus.

“We want to paint the public area in bright colors,” said McIntosh. “This will hopefully help give the residence hall some much need color and life.”

Although this project will bring about positive change, there is a negative element for some students.

For the past several years, students were allowed to live in the residence hall during the summer months. This year that is not the case. Because of the renovations, all students must be moved out of their rooms by April 28th, leaving some students without a place to live during the summer.

Proving that she is sincerely concerned about students, McIntosh is talking to administration about offering discounted off-campus living arrangements for students who need it. If McIntosh is able to arrange summer housing for students, this will become a win-win situation for everyone; Madonna students will have a place to live during the summer, and the residence hall can be renovated.

Hannah Faber, a junior at Madonna, sees the summer improvements as a “good start”.

“There are a lot of other things that should be fixed or updated as well; for example the bathrooms and the furniture,” said the Education major.

The renovations taking place during summer break appear to be just the beginning of the changes for the residence hall.

Students returning this fall will see that during their absence, many were hard at work giving their ‘second home’ some much needed cosmetic surgery.



Madonna Residence Hall gets a facelift over summer break