By Amanda Allie

The April Poetry Slam in the Franciscan Gathering Space was not an event to be slammed.

The event featured a group of about 25 students, with Francis FitzGerald as the staff sponsor.

"We started up a few years ago, and try to do readings once a semester," the coordinator of the Writing Center said.

Readings ranged anywhere from poetry to short stories to lyrics. Participants could read aloud their own writing, writing from the newest issue of MU Voices (Madonna's online literacy publication), or merely sit tight and enjoy the show.

With pizza, pop, popcorn, and healthy snacks in hand, many made their way to the podium.

One of the first poems of the evening was a silly poem about "Jersey Shore" and picking your nose. Viewers learned this was a traveling poem that was written at the Take-5 Lounge, where anyone could participate.

Others read poetry regarding loss, heartbreak, and one student read a poem about the overwhelming joy of her newborn child.

The students along with FitzGerald were very engaged in the readings, and everyone was very encouraging to one other.

"I enjoy listening to creative writing," sophomore Hannah Favor explained. "To have a night where everyone is able to express themselves is very rewarding."

Brooke Fox, a junior majoring in Journalism, read a poem she wrote called "The Urge."

"The urge is overtaking," Fox read with emotion. All quickly chuckled when we learned she was talking about Triscuits.

One young lady read a very impressive prologue to a book she is in the process of writing, where the main character was inspired by her late cousin. The student will remain unnamed, as the book is still in the works.

The Poetry Slam was a night filled with laughter and tears, and was undoubtedly a feel-good time. Fitzgerald welcomes current and past students to Poetry Slams, as well as any staff interested in joining, too.


Don’t slam the poetry slam