November 2011


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Journalism 3160/4160 students assemble The Madonna Herald to learn reporting, writing, interviewing and
producing skills.

TMH students intend to provide the university with relevant news and information while striving to maintain professional integrity toward students, faculty, administration and Madonna’s Catholic traditions.






Johnny Depp returns to the big screen the the “The Rum Diary,” Hunter Thompson’s debut novel. Even with a confusing storyline, the film provides an ending that makes sense.

Madonna’s men’s and women’s basketball teams look ahead to this year’s campaign. Both teams hope to finish atop the Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference and make a run in the tournament.

With the recent loss of Steve Jobs, will Apple lose it’s innovative touch?

Or will the loss of Jobs leave behind a footprint in technology that will be forever in our minds and encourage us to continue his legacy?

Home to the Dominican Sisters, St. Paul of the Cross offers lots of workshops and spiritual guidance.

From 12-step support groups to helping military families to volunteering in soup kitchen, St Pail of the Cross offers help for all types of people.

Food Day

New Soccer Field

75th Anniversary

Interested students can learn all about Madonna University’s Graduate School.

Students can learn about the various majors, financial aid and other details.

Madonna students who don’t want to leave campus or lose that close-in parking space when heading out for a meal may want to consider the university’s commuter meal plan.

A wide variety of offerings are available on campus.