About us

Journalism 3160/4160 students assemble The Madonna Herald to learn reporting, writing, interviewing and
producing skills.

TMH students intend to provide the university with relevant news and information while striving to maintain professional integrity toward students, faculty, administration and Madonna’s Catholic traditions.






Celebration continues through autumn

Every other Friday in the Franciscan Center, Madonna students gear up to jump, jive and wail!

The Madonna Athletic Complex is undergoing everal renovations, including a new softball field, team building with locker rooms. The project is expected to be completed in time for the softball and baseball seasons in the spring.

Gone are the days of civil political discussion.  The mask of the Internet allows bullying and name-calling by even the most sensible citizens.  How far is too far?

How do fall treats taste?

Mock disaster drill

First opera performed soon

Register for the upcoming job fair on Nov. 16 in the Career Services office, Room 1411, for a chance to speak with more than 72 employers.

Madonna plans to implement more eco-friendly practices after hosting its first ever sustainability conference this fall.

Esteemed ASL program receives new certification, broadening options for SLS students.

More than 300 educators who teach English to speakers of other languages gathered for the first time at Madonna for a conference.

Benjamin Gibbard, former front-man of Death Cab for Cutie, releases his first solo album full of inconsistent, yet catchy tracks.

Brandy Noack (right) makes the Madonna University halls her personal runway.

Madonna students visited a cider mill and went to a Tigers game as part of Madonna Miles.