By Amanda Allie

Most college degrees nowadays at the four-year level require you to complete an internship in your field of study. The big question is, are they really that important, or do you just need to find something quick and easy to get the credit?

The answer is simple. Is your internship important? YES! Should you use elective hours to have two or even three internships? ABSOLUTELY!

Internships are, in a nutshell, your potential career. You are going into a workplace that could ultimately be yours. I recommend completing your internship as early as possible. By doing so, you can recognize if your choice of major is the right one for you, and you create time for more internships.

Internships help you to get your feet wet and network. Having multiple internships is important because you can gauge what kind of company you want to work for, create a list of contacts, and keep your options open.

My major is Journalism and Public Relations, and I had two internships. My first internship was for a Public Relations firm. I worked from inside of my boss’s home, and her employees worked from their home as well. While her firm was great, it helped me realize working from a home base is not for me! I am a people person, and I like to be surrounded by people in a workplace environment.

My second internship was at Fox 2 News. I fell in love my first day there, and left still in love. The people were great, the atmosphere was great, and there was never a day I left where I didn’t think to myself, “This is it, this is where I want to be and this is what I want to do.” 

Had I stopped after my first internship because I had filled my requirement, I would have never discovered my passion. I bounced around from wanting to be an elementary teacher to a social worker to something in the communication field, and all it took was one internship for it to click. A lot of times they say when you know you know, and that’s true.

That brings me to another point: Don’t stop until you’re happy! So your mom wants you to be a doctor and your aunt says you would be a great lawyer, and you can’t possibly disappoint them. Newsflash: The truth is you can!

If you be what you want to be, even though you may not be making as much as you could in another career, you will be a much happier and rewarded person. Your family and friends will be happy to see you enjoying your career above everything.

While internship hunting you can’t wait for an opportunity to present itself to you, you have to find one! That’s the beauty in internship hunting, it teaches you how to job hunt. Do your research online, ask your friends what they’re doing, and above everything -- visit our Career Services Center.

We have the most amazing assistance center right here at Madonna. Just as we pride ourselves on the student-teacher ratio allowing our professors to have time for each and every one of us, the Career Services Center abides by the same principle. I personally worked with Ingrid Kroeger and she made me feel comfortable from day one. We tightened up my resume, searched for internships together, and she took the time to get to know me.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today! If you're not crazy about your first internship that’s perfectly OK. Just make sure you have enough semester life in your timeline for internship two and three.



Make time for internships