By Amanda Allie

Here at Madonna, having military experience is not taken lightly. In fact, it is put in a very positive light.

Beginning this fall, Chris Benson, the Associate Dean for Academic Advising and First-Year Experience, and John Johnson, Transition Coordinator, will execute a program with a special focus on students with military experience.

The program will be held in Room 1404, the Center for Students in Transition. The center will be used to serve adult learners, transfer students, and students with military experience.

"From connecting with successful student veteran programs at various colleges and universities, we know that vets want to connect with other vets," Benson acknowledged.

With more than 60 veterans who have served in the armed forces or reserves currently enrolled at Madonna, the program is growing. Veterans will now have the opportunity to share stories with one another, and most importantly - connect.

The idea to create a territory for veterans came with our funding from Title III, also known as the Strengthening Institutions grant.

Benson and Johnson are currently seeking faculty and staff with military experience to create a network for veterans. If you have any questions, contact Benson at


New program honors veterans