By Amanda Allie

“Where do we go now?” is a common question we often ask ourselves. It is an especially popular question since the devastating attacks on 9/11.

Terrorists, who called themselves Muslims (but were of no faith at all), created difficulty for Christians and Muslims to live together all over the world.

With so many unanswered questions, director Nadine Labaki decided to create a film called “Where Do We Go Now?” to bring light to the hardships of being united, no matter what our religious affiliation.

The film takes place in Taybeh Village in Lebanon. There is a clear tension between Christians and Muslims in the village, and although the priest and sheikh converse civilly, the Christian and Muslim men are unable to do so.

Instead, they act like animals, while the women of the village try to keep everything under control.

After a big fight emerges because the Muslim men blame their Christian neighbors for goats being found inside the local mosque, the women decide they cannot take it anymore. Their lungs are tired from yelling to keep the men from killing each other, causing them to come up with an outrageous resolution to keep the peace.

In a very conservative village, what could be better than culture shock?

After a group of Eastern European dancers were let off of a bus to entertain the village men, I quickly understood that this was not a typical Middle Eastern film, which are generally very serious. Instead, this one was quirky, exciting, and refreshing.

The film went on to show the men in awe of the sight of blonde women in their dark-haired village, but the beauties could only keep the men cool for so long.

After Issam, a Christian male, discovered his brother in turmoil as a result of a brawl between the Christians and Muslims, things once again became heated. With potential chaos and uproar in the works, the Christian and Muslim women put their heads together to form an ingenious plan.

With the priest and sheikh on board with the women’s plan, chances of failure were slim. Or weren’t they?

Starring Nadine Labaki, Leyla Fouad, Claude Msawbaa, and Antoinette El-Nofaily, “Where Do We Go Now?” is a must see. The film brings all sorts of emotions to the table and takes you from tears to laughter in a matter of minutes over and over again.

A winner of many awards, one of the film’s most prestigious thus far is the Cadillac People’s Choice Awards at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.

The show opened June 22 at Loews Star Fairlane Theatre in Dearborn and Main Art Theatre 3 in Royal Oak.


Film explores hardships of unity