Local gyms offer students exercise options

By Rachel Rodriguez


Well students, unfortunately summer has come to an end. It’s time to get those restless minds back into scholarly shape by hitting the books and library again, as opposed to beaches, boats and lakes.

However, you don’t have to give up everything that you may have enjoyed during those sunny days—gyms are still in the equation—especially in the Livonia area.

Whether you’re looking for athletic facilities, walking trails, or a place to get into nature, Livonia Parks and Recreation has it all. Located in the heart of the city, the Livonia Recreation Center provides a wide range of activities and facilities that are open to resident and non-resident citizens.

“We have something for everyone,” said Barb Gambler, manager at the LRC. “We have such a knowledgeable staff and affordable prices.”

All ages can enjoy climbing the large rock wall or the large aquatic center, which offers open swimming, lessons, water aerobics and more. Memberships can be purchased annually for $170 (resident) or day-to-day for $7.

Outdoor features include a skateboard park—complete with ramps and skate rails—inline skate rink, volleyball courts and soccer fields.

Fitness 19, on the southeast corner of Five Mile and Newburgh roads, provides some of the lowest rates in town.

“Our center works with the community and we have had the pleasure of having the Madonna women’s soccer team work out here in the recent past,” said Durran.

Memberships are established on a month-to-month basis, which means no commitments and no option-out fees. Monthly charges range from $12 to $19 and, according to the facility, dues will never increase. Livonia is not the only home to Fitness 19 either; there are locations in Farmington, Canton and Commerce Township.

“We offer end-of-summer/back-to-school promotions and also promotions for the police and fire departments in the local area,” said Rolland Durran, general manager at Fitness 19 in Livonia.

According to Durran, the building is approximately 10,000 square-feet and lacks pools and sport amenities, but as a result, money is spent on top-of-the-line equipment.

“We have over $1 million worth of equipment in our facilities and we focus on more one-on-one training with our members,” said Durran.

Snap Fitness, located just north of Five Mile on Haggerty Road, presents a similar atmosphere to Fitness 19, but is open 24-hours, seven days a week.

“Each location has different attributes. Here in Livonia, we set out fresh fruit and water for members everyday,” said Frank Dickman, manager at Snap Fitness.

Rates differ, but $34.50 is the monthly average and fortunately students are eligible for a discounted price of $24.50 a month. 

“We may not be as big as Lifetime and other larger gyms, but we provide the same equipment as the higher competitors,” said Dickman. “We are quick, safe and affordable.”

Since the establishment remains open throughout the night, it is possible to wear a necklace with a button that will contact Northville police in case of an emergency.

“The necklaces are good for woman or anyone who may not feel comfortable walking out to their car at late hours,” said Dickman. “We focus on creating a safe and friendly environment.”

For those students who live in the Canton/Plymouth area, Summit on the Park located on Canton Center Road, measures around 30,000 square-feet and offers a wide range of services, including an aquatic center, steam room and sauna, racquetball court and gymnasium.

“I would say we would be placed between a Fitness 19 and Lifetime,” said Amanda Buelow, special event coordinator at Summit on the Park. “Our prices are very affordable and we attract the community because we have an array of programs like swim classes and karate.”

A few other affordable and commendable gyms in the area include Fitness USA in Westland, LA Fitness on Plymouth Road in Livonia, Planet Fitness in Farmington and Gold’s Gym in Livonia.

It’s evident that many college students are on a tight budget, however, the gyms mentioned make working-out cheap and enjoyable at the same time.